Our Courses

Yoga Diploma

Here's the chance for you to obtain a Yoga Diploma from a leading Yoga Centre in Sri Lanka. Our Yoga Diploma is registered under NVQ Level – 5 and “Sethsada Yoga Nikethanaya” is an organization approved by the parliament of Sri Lanka.

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Certificate Course

You have the golden opportunity to be a certified Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy expert in a short period of 6 months. You will learn the art of self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy and many more.

Yoga Therapy Course

Lets learn the techniques of yoga to create, stimulate, and maintain an optimum state of health. and how to give treatments for physical, mental and emotional diseases through Yoga therapy.

Special Courses for Foreign Students

Now Foreign students have the opportunity to learn “Hatha Yoga” from the most renowned Yoga master in Sri Lanka. Contact us to schedule your classes at your convenient times.

Advanced Yoga Course

Join our advanced yoga teacher training program. Learn upper back and shoulder flexibility, twisting, splits, Vinyasa flow, Pigeon series (Kapottasana variations), Nataraja asana variations, how to use yoga equipment, and many more! 🌸

Third Eye Meditation

Third Eye meditation is a meditation system which helps us to improve memory, concentration, thinking skills and imagination. It is highly effective on children compared to adults.
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